I’ve made a purchase online, what happens next?

Once you have made a purchase you will receive a booking form within 24 hours. Once you’ve filled out the booking form you will receive a confirmation email along with instructions on how to pack & send your flowers. You can also find these instructions here. This will also include my contact details and studio address. We usually advise to have sent us your fresh flowers within 3 days to ensure they’re looking their best upon preservation. If your flowers are already dry this will not matter.

I’ve sent my flowers, what now?

When I receive your flowers, I’ll reach out via email or WhatsApp to let you know that your flowers have arrived safely. We will discuss your order if necessary.

The next steps

The first stage is to take cuttings & preserve your flowers in silica. This process can take up to 21 days but it’s usually a lot faster than that. Once your flowers are dry, we can begin to resin! Please note: depending on the size of your order, this stage can take a number of weeks. Once the resin has set it needs an additional 1-2 weeks to reach full cure (harden). The full process usually takes around 10-12 weeks, sometimes longer during busy periods. Once complete, I will send you a photo of your finished order. I will also do my best to tag you in process photos & videos along the way! Once shipped, I will send you your tracking details.

Communication throughout the process

Flower preservation is a long process with lots of moving parts. You should expect to hear from me at the beginning, middle & end of your order. Please do not be alarmed if you do not hear from me for a number of weeks, this just means I’m very busy working on your order but feel free to reach out for an update at any time! I really appreciate your patience & understanding!