It’s important to read the below instructions before making a purchase as its in your best possible interest to ensure your flowers are as secure as possible so we can make them into something ever lasting and beautiful. 

Preparing your flowers:
Snip the stems at the bottom and slightly dampen with tissue paper and wrap them around the stems.
Secure the stems with tin foil and rubber bands or tie a plastic bag around the stems to avoid any spillages in transport.
Pack in a strong box. Ideally with padding so the flowers do not move around. 

Do’s and DO NOT:

Use a tracked postal service when sending us your flowers
Add your name and order number to the inside packaging.

DO NOT soak your flowers
DO NOT allow your flowers/petals to get wet.

    Need specific flowers / items in products?
    If you would like specific flowers, or keepsakes in specific items, please use the following form to detail this. Please include this with your flowers. If we don't receive this, we assume that our teams can create the items based on our creative flair.